WH Smith Wines

CHALLENGE: Producers of fine Pinot Noir, WHSmith was looking to introduce a new ‘rising star’ wine to their stable. With a current label that was selling flatly, they were looking for a fresh approach that would recreate their image as a premium winery.

SOLUTION: The initial-dominant name of WHSmith was softened and personalized as a signature style logo. To emphasize the elegant lines of the bottle, the label was designed as a strip at the bottom. Every label has a story, and this one is lovely. It seems the secret to growing great Pinot grapes is that the WHSmith vineyard is just above the fog line off the coastal hills of Sonoma County. The fog cools the temperature, allowing for an extended grape growing period. This story is wonderfully illustrated as the fog belt literally wraps the bottle of wine with a vineyard hilltop, poking out of the clouds. The shortened wine capsule allows for the vintage date on the cork to shine thru the glass bottle and has a specially painted top to match the sunrise coloring on the label fog.

RESULTS: The distinctive label and branding has successfully introduced a new WHSmith into the marketplace.