CHALLENGE: Tor Kenward has been with Beringer Wines for almost 30 years and has become a Napa Valley icon. When deciding to launch his own label, RICHIMAGE was brought in to develop all packaging and marketing materials. The challenge was to develop both a branded label name and design that reflected the personal style of Mr. Kenward.

SOLUTION: After extensive research into wines of it’s class, RICHIMAGE developed the brand name ‘TOR’; strong, easy to remember and uniquely distinct from all other label names. Our effort is to create a look that is both classical and fresh, striking and unique. With a highly refined typographical approach, we saturate the label in a deep rich color, especially printed with a subtle pebbled surface and delicate bronze foil. The effect is so simple that it is almost radical and stands out well among it’s competitors.

RESULTS: TOR wines was a hit from the start, garnering accolades from the Robert Parker and other major critics and was placed as one of the Food and Wine magazine’s top 20 new wineries in the world.