Jukebox Saturday Night

CHALLENGE: Time to accomplish the impossible: transform a barren, boxy, 2 story building into a ‘ theme’ restaurant and dance club within 90 days.

SOLUTION: RichImage created a world of 50’s surrealistic theatricality. A parody diner/sports bar and crazy wonderful place to be. One entered the club in a suburban backyard, buying tickets at the bathroom window and walking on a roadway designed of floor tiles that led past a 20-foot jukebox and directly to a classic diner at the other end of the club. At night the tables were cleared as a DJ drove the dancing crowd dizzy behind a ’54 Chevy, jutting from the colorful bubble glass jukebox stage. An old drive-in was recreated, complete with B-movies and satellite fed sports scores on the marquee. Meanwhile, Marilyn Monroe was being rescued from a Japanese Robot Kong laser attack by the dynamic team of Superman and Mighty Mouse flying above on servomotors as Bullwinkle and friends slid up and down the handrails.

RESULTS: Those 90 days of magic opened to big crowds, rave revues and unforgettable events.