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‘Forget the Night’ tells the true autobiographical story of an adolescent girl in the 1930’s, and  the phychological split her father’s continuous rape causes her. The author unconciously erased all memory of the events, only for them to resurface more than 40 years later. She tells her horrific story with tenderness, emotional impact and uncommon wisdom. Rico of RICHIMAGE was given the challenge/opportunity to make the story more accessible through imagery.  How does one even approach such a delicate subject?  Rico researched the author’s life and recreated her story using actual photographs from her family album. As the story progresses, the photographs themselves begin echoing the girl’s psychic break and the sexual confusion that followed, leading to other rapes, an abortion and the final image: the erasing of all memory. It is a powerful story that has effected the lives of many who have read it.