CHALLENGE: One of the lead surgeons of this premiere cardiothoracic medical team was leaving to become the competition. Suddenly, with such emotional strains, the future of the medical center was in question and it looked like the staff itself might be breaking apart.

SOLUTION: RichImage was called in to consult on a means of pulling together employee spirits and loyalties and communicating to clients that the company planned to be around for a long time. The name ICSA was coined and branded with a strong and elegant new logo conveying what every patient desired, a perfect heart. The important message of stability was reflected¬†by the classically framing of the local landmark ‘Arrowhead’ mountains, illustrated as an old engraving. The brochure told 2 stories, blending both personal and technical expertise as well as educating the patient with a stepped understanding of the entire surgical procedure thru to recovery.

RESULTS: The new inspirational image and communication tools revitalized company moral and brought new awareness of ICSA in the medical community. The company has prospered and expanded, adding new surgeons and staff and extending their services to a second and third hospital.

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