CHALLENGE: A new company offering tools for the sight impaired, HumanWare wanted an identity that represented their emphasis on quality and customer care.

SOLUTION: An embossed logo of hands holding a symbol of technology honored the core customer base with something to touch and became an important key in introducing company values.  Collateral materials were produced with clear, friendly, words and graphics that showed the company as a caring family to do business with. The first products brochure displayed an employee’s baby girl on the cover to symbolize a newly born and very human care-oriented company. It was so popular that we re-photographed the girl for each succeeding years’ covers and customers looked forward to seeing how this little girl grew up along with the company.

RESULTS: The branding helped launch this young company and be recognized for it’s unique ‘human touch’ approach to business. HumanWare grew to become the most trusted and highly regarded leader in their field.