CHALLENGE: Beringer’s Tor Kenward developed the ‘Beringer Master Series on Food and Wine’. BMSFW offered cult food and wine enthusiasts a unique adventure: the opportunity to rub elbows with world-class chefs and winemakers,  savor their creations, and discover the ‘hidden’ cultural treasures of the Napa Valley. Funding for the program was quickly approved and ‘a look and feel’ of the program had to be created within a short time frame.

SOLUTION: Appealing to the sophisticated tastes of a cultured audience, the tone was set with wit and a classically modern design in the memorable ‘Cork n Fork’ logo. Promotional elements that blended humor with understated elegance followed. The program’s brochure cover played off the idea of ‘Cult’: ‘Cult Wine’, ‘Cult Food’, ‘Cult Tour’, ‘CultURE’.

RESULTS: Beringer was delighted and the BMSFW directors claimed ‘Cork n Fork’ to be the greatest logo ever designed. All they needed do was present the logo on the business card and they won over friends and customers. The identity was an important part in developing immediate recognition with a smile and the pricey series quickly filled. The program enjoyed 3 years of success, including adventures with culinary icons Julia Child and Thomas Keller.