5 Alone Together

CHALLENGE: Rico tells the story: ‘The client was frantic.  “We need a poster- NOW! Our concert is in just 2 weeks and our own designer just quit!”  “OK, OK, but who are you?”  “We are a troupe of 5 dancers from different parts of the world, each having a completely different style of dancing. We dance in many directions and our diversity is our strength!”

SOLUTION: ‘Pulling a pen from my pocket, the poster information was jotted quickly on the nearest surface, my left hand. Looking at the number 5, inspiration struck. An arrow was drawn on each of my fingers to represent the 5 dancers going off in different directions. I showed my open hand to the client. “How does this look?” “Uh- cool!” The hand was quickly Xeroxed, enlarged to a 24″ square image and sent off for fast printing on large blueprint paper within an hour. Large posters where ready to be posted before lunch.

 RESULTS: The striking poster helped pack the concert hall. The poster has since been awarded many honors, appearing in design annuals and traveling in shows across the United States and Japan. It now hangs in the collection of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

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