4C Summit

CHALLENGE: A major provider in the beef industry was about to be seriously challenged for the first time by a new competitor. Concerned about losing market share, RICHIMAGE was brought in to help brainstorm a customer retention program.

SOLUTION: RICHIMAGE helped to develop and brand the 4C Summit, a 3 year program to help educate the top customers on how to re-imagine and improve their own businesses by learning from success stories in other industries. The first year brought them to the beautiful wine country of Sonoma. A teaser campaign initiated curiousity with postcards shaped like diamonds tilted in perspective announcing ‘The Future of Business’. A website was created to register guests and introduce them to all of the activities offered in the 4 day program. Email reminders kept up the excitement and encouraged engagement. Every guest received a new iPad with their itinerary and a few special apps to make their stay vibrant.

RESULTS: A full 150 guests and their spouses signed on to trade stories, be entertained and learn from dynamic wine industry gurus. The program has been an overwhelming success and continues to provide valuable business connections and retained customers.